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The advanced course lasts one day and is split into 5 lessons. Each lesson has a theory part and a practical part which lasts 20 minutes.

Before starting the practical session in the single seater, the students drive a touring car, enabling the instructor to understand their initial level and their basic knowledge.

The advanced course provides a particular depth of topics covered during the basic course. The student’s main objective is to study its limits and that of the car, looking for a significant chronometric performance.

The car used is Formula Mirage M012. On the car is installed a GPS device, to acquire the main parameters of driving and the engine, allowing a thorough study through the use of a specific software.

The course has a cost of 1800,00 Euro + VAT.

(*) The price indicated may be subject to slight changes in relation to the selected circuit.
(**) The board session of a touring car could not be held

  • 1st Day

  • 5 lessons

  • Mirage M012