The Formula Renault Tatuus 2.0 test enables the driver to improve his driving technique and capacity on board of a high performance and advanced technology vehicle.

The duration of the Test should be agreed upon with HMRDS. Normally at least 150 km per day are covered.

Before starting the test a programme is layed out and the pupil is backed up by an instructor/race engineer with whom he will study the car data in order to correct any driving mistakes and to decide upon any variations to the car’s setup.

The singleseaters are equipped with a data analysis package which logs information about: steering angle, brake pressure, throttle posision, damper position, engine management, acceleration (3 axis) and the car is also equipped with a GPS unit that gives information about speed, lateral acceleration and about the racing lines.

The HMRDS basic course is propedeutic for this course. Alternatively the pupil must have driving experience with similar cars.


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  • Renault Tatuus 2.0