The test driver course lasts 2 days and is split into 10 lessons each of which is divided into a theory part and a practical session on the track.

Before starting the practical session in the single seater the students drive a touring car enabling the instructor to understand their initial level and their basic knowledge.(*)

The arguments of the course are:
– Vehicle dinamics fondamentals
– Suspension
– Brakes
– Engine
– Aerodynamics

The goal for the pupils is to improve their driving ability and feeling for changes in setup after having been filled in on the theory side in the classroom.

The car used for this is the Formula Ford MyGale 1.8 which is equipped with a GPS device that records engine and driving parameters, which can then be analyzed in detail using a dedicated software.

The course has a cost of 3000,00 Euro + VAT.

(*) The price indicated may be subject to slight changes in relation to the selected circuit.

  • 1st Day

  • 5 lessons

  • Ford MyGale 1.8

  • 2nd Day

  • 5 lessons

  • Ford MyGale 1.8