Neapolitan born in 1986, holds the position of chief instructor of Morrogh Racing Drivers School. New graduate in mechanical engineering from his great experience in racing derived from participating as a pilot in numerous national and international championships for cars (from Formula Ford to Formula 3000) and the commitment by some team where he served as race engineer and telemetry.

One can say that he is the last product to high level of HM and Henry chose him, for some time, as his right hand man on track during the course of the last years. Instinctively quick but methodical applications, has a natural propensity to pass on to students, with the simplicity that distinguishes his character, everything he has learned over the years of racing.

After years of kart he went to the car 16 years, beginning with the Formula Ford 1600 Morrogh after attending the 14th course Federal. His first year (but it would be truer to say its first half year, having started the season started abundantly) in the car ends in third place in the championship.

In 2003 he passes to Formula Ford in 1800 and, after a hard-fought season, finished second overall.

In 2004 in Formula Renault season starts well but the lack of budget, does not allow the continuity of results. Meanwhile he participates in Supercorso Federale CSAI, the wins, and enters the Youth Project of the CSAI as the most promising rider of the season. In autumn it is in England for the postgraduate course at the International School of Johnatahn Palmer. Claudio Berro invited him to join the race Maserati at the Bologna Motor Show and, on the Gran Sport GT3, closes the second place.

In 2005 in the Italian Formula 3 with Team Passoli: the budget is tight and able to play only the first 4 tests, achieving good results anyway. Morrogh follows him closely and asked him to work with him as an instructor of the School’s most famous pilots in the world.

In 2006 there is the “big jump”: signing with Team Bigazzi for the European Formula 3000 championship; The structure is the first experience in the car and teammate Kristian Ghedina, national team downhill. After a race setting for the teams begin to arrive the results: the second half of the season is exciting and, on a wet track, become the bogeyman of the top teams hitting a win in Germany and several podiums. At year end, it is sixth in the standings and third of those under 20.

In 2007 Formula Master: It is an exciting season for the problems occurred from the car but it is called by Mauro Sipsz to collaborate on the development of the car.

In 2008 he focuses on studies in engineering (graduating arrives in March 2011) alternating at the wheel of classic cars and the School of Henry.

On 12 and 13 November 2011 was in the Winter Trophy Series Formula 2000 Light at the circuit of Varano de Melegari, it has sided behind the wheel of a Formula 3 Dallara Mugen Honda 302 Morrogh Racing Drivers School. The result is amazing, is winter champion getting a pole position, two wins (race 1 and race 2), fastest lap with a new lap record in race 1. The victory contributed to the revival in the motorsport of the School’s most famous pilots world. In 2008 he became chief instructor of Morrogh Racing Drivers School, taking care of the technical activities on track and the education provided.