Are offered the opportunity to the students to leave at will the educational program proposed with the basic course, the used car is a Formula Ford Van Diemen 1.6. The student agrees with the HMRDS the number of lessons to be performed and the topics to be discussed by choosing among those proposed below:

– Using the gearbox with front engagement not synchronized (with H-pattern and sequential)
– Choice of ideal trajectory
– Brake Use
– Cause of understeer / oversteer and offsets

Each lesson took place at the wheel of a Formula Ford Van Diemen 1.6 is priced at 220.00 Euros + VAT, providing a theoretical session in the classroom and a practice track. The practice session on the track has a duration of 20 minutes.

You can play individual lessons of Van Diemen Formula Ford 1.6 only at the Circuit o del Sele Battipaglia (SA).

  • 1st Day

  • Lessons to be arranged

  • Ford Van Diemen 1.6