The basic course last 2 days and is split into 10 lessons, each of which has a theoretical and a practical part that takes place on the racetrack and lasts about 20 minutes.

Before starting the practical session in the single seater the students drive a touring car enabling the instructor to understand their initial level and their basic knowledge.

The subjects that are dealt with are:
– Use of a non sincromesh gerbox (both with H and sequential layout)
– Choice of best racing lines
– Braking technique
– Causes of understeer/oversteer and how to correct it

The first eight lessons are done in a Van Diemen 1.6 F. Ford and the last two are done in a Formula Mirage M012.

The cars are equipped with a GPS device that records engine and driving parameters, which can then be analyzed in detail using a dedicated software.

The course has a cost of 2300,00 Euro + VAT.

  • 1st Day

  • 5 lessons

  • Formula Mirage M012

  • 2nd Day

  • 5 lessons

  • Mirage M012