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Primo Corso Federale Aci Sport per Istruttori

25 Novembre 2020, una data da ricordare! In pista al Circuito del Sele primo Corso Federale Aci Sport per Istruttori, pilotati dal validissimo Gabriele Lancieri. Per la Scuola Piloti Henry [...]

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Do you want to become a racing car driver?

HMRDS organizes courses both at it’s base using the very suitable “Circuito del Sele” racetrack and at other racetracks such as Adria, Varano de’ Melegari, Monza, Modena and Magione.


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ACI Sport Licences

For all drivers who wish to participate in any kind of sporting events, it is possible to carry out the formula test, aimed at obtaining valid licenses to take part in sports events taking place on national and international territory.

All drivers who request it will be able to use our cars.

The licenses will be issued by Aci Sport, in the presence of the Aci Sport tutor, who at the request of the participant, will go to our office to perform the test formula.


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